Sun, Sand, and Silliness

Since Oscar and Edgar were babies, family, friends, neighbors, and acquaintances have been extolling the virtues of taking them to the beach.  It made sense.  We live in a beach community, and the beach features everything a kid loves–sand, water, and the possibility of ice cream on the way home.  However, my experiences–until today–have been less than idyllic.  Oscar is not a fan of dirt–on his hands, in his food, on the ground.  And Edgar cannot stay in one area longer than it takes the latest seagull to come by inviting him to a chase.  But today, at the invitation of our Aunt Janice, we made the trek to the beach, and something simply shocking happened.  In the four hours we were there, I was able to sit for at least three-and-a-half.  We were joined for the day by Mary and daughter Aly, and the kids played–together and quietly and, for the most part, near our blanket.  Every once in awhile Edgar would wander in search of a family with better snacks, but generally rolled in the sand right nearby.  And watching Oscar, Edgar, and Aly play was pure joy.  Yesterday Oscar asked Aly, somewhat wryly, I think, “Aly, are you afraid you’re going to fall in love with me?”  The truth is–we already have.  This trip to the beach is a memory we will hold onto, especially as Aly’s family prepares for their move to Virginia.  In this photo, Edgar, Aly, and Oscar–known as “Small,” “Medium,” and “Large,” are watching Auntie Janice in the water.  Thank you, Janice, for suggesting this and for spending the day with us.  It was as much a treat as the ice cream on the way home!


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