Clang, Clang, Clang Went the Trolley







Having just returned from a trip to several urban destinations, double-decker tour buses appeared to be on every street corner, and it’s probable that not a one of them escaped the boys’ notice.  And it dawned on me as we tried to negotiate Newport’s busy, tourist-lined streets over the holiday weekend, that it might be fun to play tourists in our own town.  Our good friend Erin took her tiny tourists, Lily and Quinn, on a bus ride that received rave reviews.  So, how could we resist?  For a mere $1.75 (the kids rode for free), we were treated to forty minutes of a tour through our town.  The boys saw their favorite restaurants, waved to their Uncle Mike at work, and screamed with delight when they saw where we get our photos printed!  The best part–not counting the copious and glorious potholes that made for a ride that would rival any amusement park attraction–was the turning of the bus.  The boys squealed:  “Left turn, squish Edgar.  Right turn, squish Oscar.”  There were smiles galore–and the ones the boys inspired in some of the tourists were perhaps some of the sweetest.


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