Almost Four on the Fourth

The Fourth of July brought fireworks and the realization that in just a little over a month, Oscar will be turning four.  This photograph coincides with a recent awareness that Oscar’s hand, as it holds mine, feels just a little different–bigger, more substantial, less delicate.  And this moment, captured on the evening of July 4, 2008, shows unequivocally how tall he is getting.  He is leaning against Don, watching the fireworks in the distance, and his height is apparent.  I swear it was five minutes ago when he fit in cozily in one arm.  And though we do nothing but celebrate our children’s growth, Oscar’s transition from toddler to little boy seems to have come so quickly and all at once.  I am grateful that he still needs to hold my hand and lean on his father.  And as the years go by, there will, of course, always be a hand or a supportive back both literally and figuratively available to Oscar and Edgar–no matter how tall or substantial they get.  In the meantime, I plan to continue to embrace, celebrate, and document these moments, because they come and go far too quickly.


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