National Air and Space Museum

We arrived at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum in the early afternoon of Tuesday, 1 July 2008, with Edgar asleep in my arms and Oscar ready for action!  While Edgar took a nice nap for the better part of an hour, Oscar and Don explored the myriad space capsules and aircraft.  Eventually, we had to wake sleeping beauty so that he could see everything.  The boys loved it!  Oscar spent some quality time worshiping the model of the Saturn V and waxing poetically about its amazing features.  Edgar and Dream Horse ran around from exhibit to exhibit releasing all the energy stored from their decadent nap.  And every so often the boys would just drop and wrestle.  This is new–and apparently not at all unexpected–and beyond adorable.  After checking out the souvenirs outside the museum, we took the metro back to the hotel and treated the boys to Subway sandwiches while we enjoyed delicious Indian food for dinner.  A day with something for everyone to be sure!


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