Father’s Day 2008

Today, like many, we honored the father of the house–the one who makes it look easy, the one with infinite patience, the one who personifies devotion to his family.   In my heart I believe the world would be a better place if every child could have a father like him.  He is loving, fair, consistent, and kind; and I rest easily knowing he is the man to whom my sons will look up, their first role model.  Whether it’s teaching Oscar the intricacies of a musical composition or sharing with Edgar his latest carnivorous culinary masterpiece, he is by their sides, truly interested in what they’re doing, respecting them as people and guiding them through their days.  Our boys’ security is due in no small part to his presence–in every sense of the word.  Happy Father’s Day, Don! 


5 thoughts on “Father’s Day 2008

  1. As one who sees the kind of parenting both Don and Samantha embody, each being a lot of both Mom and Dad, their sons are fortunate…”All you need is love….”

  2. Beautifully written, Samantha. Once again I praise what both of you have done with your children and for each other. Quality time is so important and rewarding.


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