A Dip in the Pool

Summer is officially here when Oscar and Edgar don their swim trunks and take their first dip in the pool.  The weather today was well into the 70s; so, after breakfast and a short stint in the sandbox, it was warm enough to fill the pool.  We need to thank the Murphy family for providing the inspiration for this particular pool.  Last summer the boys tried it out at their house; and, if you can believe it–and I’m sure you can–Oscar let us know once it was warm enough to even talk about a pool that he felt he and Edgar were old enough to upgrade to this pool with the slide.  Seeing me try to tie it on to the roof of my car may have been one of the most entertaining episodes the Wal-Mart parking lot has seen!  Ultimately, though, the pool is worth its weight in gold for the sheer joy it brings to the boys–and to us, the lucky viewers of this summer pageant!  Here’s to warm days and whimsical ways to cool off! 


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