In Our Own Backyard

In Our Own BackyardMost of our adventures this spring have been in our own backyard.  Lots of renovations and home improvements and a general reconfiguration have left Oscar and Edgar with ample playing space.   We should thank Christina and Brian again for the great sandbox and Little Tikes fort.  And thanks to Paula for the teeter-totter.  It was the perfect Christmas gift!   And, Len, remember the dump truck you got for them?  They adore it–and park it every night with their other “vehicles.”  We want the yard to have something for everyone–and for a small yard, it does not disappoint!  Happy Spring!


10 thoughts on “In Our Own Backyard

  1. Yay!!! I’ve been hoping you’d start a blog! I love living vicariously through your family photos — and now to get some more of your writing along with them will be an even bigger treat!! 🙂

  2. For kids who are indulged and living in the best Toyland this side of the North Pole, they are creative, amused with little ordinary things, and are a delight to watch at play…or any other time.

  3. I love to watch Oscar and Edgar, “Do their thing”. Loads of fun and energy. The photo albums, captions and stories are priceless. Someday, I expect to turn on the TODAY Show and see the Photo Journal Adventures of Oscar and Edgar. Guaranteed best seller.

  4. Samantha…you are too much. What a great idea! Your photo albums have always put a smile on my face and now with a blog, it can only get better. You and Don are wonderful parents. Thanks for including me in your life.


  5. I have had a report from a reliable outside source that the adventures of Oscar and Edgar extended to a “lesson” in how to walk down the street and “negotiate the world properly.” Oscar, Edgar and Len were spotted walking down Third Street practicing the fine art of walking down the street . My source reports Oscar and Edgar were the model students and Len the model teacher. Such joy!

  6. Sammantha this is fantastic! I love the pictures of the boys. It makes me feel closer to them. The site is fantastic. love, aunt rita

  7. Samantha, Don, Oscar and Edgar, Thanks so much for including me in your blog. I love keeping close to the 2 precious boys, as they remind me of my grandsons at play. What a wonderful gift!! Thanks, Katie

  8. WOW! Great idea …I love this blog .. Maybe its because I love the subjects…. I think thats what it is……



  9. Samantha keep the stories and pictures coming they are delightful! I love this blog idea, each morning I get up check my email and then I check your blog and Erin’s blog to see what is happening with my favorite little ones! Love, Auntie Nana

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